This inclinometer module is available with one or two measurement axes. The inclinometer working principle is based on a micromachined silicon capacitive transductor (developed with MEMS echnology). This inclinometer has a compact design, low vibration sensitivity, low price and find application in a variety of industrial and automotive application. The CAN BUS interface enables the device to be directly linked to machine network. Typical application are cranes, aerial platforms, drilling machines and excavators. The CAN protocol is CAN open and conforms to CiA DSP 410 device profile for inclinometer.


- Inclination sensor one or two axis
- MEMS primary sensor
- Angular range: two axis ±5° …±60° DPS-CB-O
- Angular range: one axis from 0 to 360° DPS-CB-V
- CAN interface 2.0 B, ISO11898
- No moving parts
- PBT Ultradur black Resin Housing
- Protection IP67
- Electronics encapsulated with resin
- Cable gland exit or connector
- Bicolor status operating LED