Model SD6CB-L is a rugged, low cost , high performance string pot built for wet environments and outdoor applications. Originally designed for off-road construction equipment. Its mechanical design has been studied for harsh environments and long endurance, typical of telescopic boom cranes. Typical applications are small crane boom length measurement, or first boom for big cranes or telehandlers. Available in 3 , 4,5 ,6 meter stroke ranges, the SDS6CB-L is constructed of a special aluminium enclosure designed to withstand impact from harsh environments and rugged conditions. Each sensor ships whit a handy mounting bracket to make just about any installation is very simple.

Main Characteristics

  • Can open output
  • Redundant option
  • Option hall effect sensors to ensure maximum life cycles
  • 1 or 2 mems angle sensor
  • State of the art hall effect sensors as option to replace potentiometers