Industrial Low Cost Cable Extension Transducer Precision Potentiometric, Output 0-4800, 0-5300, 0-6300 mm Measurement Range Option, Designed for Outdoor/Wet environments. Model SDS-6 is a rugged, low cost, high performance string pot with ratiometric output for wet environments and outdoor applications. Originally designed for off-road construction equipment. Available in 4800 mm, 5300 mm, 6300 mm, stroke ranges, the SDS-6 is constructed of a special plastic enclosure designed to withstand impact from harsh environments and rugged conditions. Each sensor ships whit a handy mounting bracket to make just about any installation is very simple. Every SDS-6 ship with a field installable mating connector and optional cordsets are available. The SDS-6 is also available in redundant output, twin potentiometer.

Main Characteristics

  •  Sensor plastic-hybrid precision potentiometer 
  •  Interface CANOPEN 
  •  Input Voltage 12...30 VDC 
  •  Profile conformity CiA 406 
  •  Resolution 0.1mm 
  •  Repeatability +/- 0.1% FS. 
  •  Code Sequence programmable. 
  •  Interference immunity DIN EN 6100-6-2 
  •  Emitted interference DIN EN 6100-6-3 
  •  Measuring Cable 0.039 inch dia nylon coated stainless 
  •  Maximum Acceleration 10G (retraction) 
  •  Maximum Velocity 80 inch (2 meters) per second 
  •  Electrical Connection M12 Connector 
  •  Measuring Cable Tension 23 oz. (6.4 N) +/- 30% 
  •  Cycle Life 250.000 (potentiometer) 
  •  Weight 2,5 lbs.(1.3kg) 
  •  Connection M12 5 Pin