DPS-K series inclinometer is available with two measurement axes.The inclinometer working principle is based on a micromachined silicon capacitive transductor (developed with MEMS technology). The plastic housing is made in high grade PBT.Typical application are cranes, aerial platforms, drilling machines, excavators, robotics and mobile equipment. DPS-KK features a double relay output with a double threshold. Relay “1″ switches when a first threshold is reached at least by one of the four half-axis, while Relay ”2″ switches when the second threshold is reached. Relay switching points are factory set and can be changed by the customer using RS232 connection. Device manual with RS232 comands is available.

· MEMS sensing unit;
· one or two measuring axis;
· High grade plastic enclosure;
· Angle Range: ±5° to ±20°;
· Input Voltage: 9VDC to 30VDC;
· Output: Double relay output;
· Double switching threshold;
· Zero function;
· Operating Temperature: -20 °C +70 °C;
· IP67 protection;
· Weight 240g;
· Cable exit with cable gland for relay connection;
· AMP superseal 3-way connector for RS232 data connection.