DPS-K series inclinometer is available with two measurement axes.The inclinometer working principle is based on a micromachined silicon capacitive transductor (developed with MEMS technology). The plastic housing is made in high grade PBT.Typical application are cranes, aerial platforms, drilling machines, excavators, robotics and mobile equipment. DPS-K-OP features a single relay output.Relay switching points are factory set and can be changed by the customer using RS232 connection. Device manual with RS232 comands is available.

· MEMS sensing unit;
· one or two measuring axis;
· High grade plastic enclosure;
· Angle Range: ±5° to ±20°;
· Input Voltage: 9VDC to 30VDC;
· Output: Single relay output;
· Zero function;
· Operating Temperature: -20 °C +70 °C;
· IP67 protection;
· Weight 240g;
· Cable exit with cable gland for relay connection;
· AMP syuperseal 3-way connector for RS232 data connection