Model ST-350 is a low cost angle sensor developed for very precise measurements in the field of civil engineering, construction machineries, and industrial automation.The sensor utilize a new patented Hall technology and a thin ferromagnetic disk that make the sensor only sensitive to the magnetic flux density parallel to the chip surface. Its use is particulary recommended in high frequency applications, operating on small angles. The rotary sensor includes an hall effect sensor of high resistance and stability in temperature. The absence of sliding contacts warrants an high lifetime, which can not be obtained with the contact versions. very easy and precise mounting can be achieved using the built-in flange. Typical applications in dancer arm tensioning, labelling machines, robots, fork lifters,steering angle, throttle position, harvester, position detection of flaps, agriculture machines etc...


Main Characteristics
• High grade plastic case
• Angle Range: up to 360 programmable
• Input Voltage: 5±0.5 or 24..30 VDC
• Output: 0.5 – 4.5 Ratiometric (input voltage 5 V) 0-10 V (input voltage 24 V); 4-20 mA optional
• Operating Temperature: -20 ° C +80° C
• No wipers
• High life time
• Vibration resistance (DIN IEC 68T2/6 20g)
• High sensibility and repeatability
• Hall Effect Sensor
• IP54 protection (IP65 optional)


• Plastic housing
• Wire exit (AWG 26 outer diameter 4,5 mm)
• Protection with isolating polymeric
• 6 mm shaft in AISI303 steel
• Double inox miniature bearing