The contactless sensor utilizes the orientation of a magnetic field for the determination of the measurement angle. The magnetic field orientation is captured with an integrated circuit and computed. The digital output signal is based on a CANbus interface that enables the device to be directly linked to machine network.The housing is made of a alluminium material. Fixings are in the form of elongated slots which allow simplicity in mounting together with ease of mechanical adjustment. The transducer is not sensitive to either dirt or dampnes. Electrical connection is made via a shielded cable which is sealed into the housing.

 Main Characteristics

· Hall sensor technology;
· Contactless measuring up to 360°;
· Compact dimensions;
· High accuracy of mesurement;
· Applications under adverse ambient conditions possible (humidity, dampness, oil dust, vibrations etc.);
· Long life;
· Dimensions: diameter 50 mm height 75 mm, 70mm flange;
· Redundant