Model CMI-HX is a low cost angle sensor is ideally suited for application under severe ambient condition in presence of oil, dust, vibration. The sensor utilize a new patented Hall technology and a thin ferromagnetic disk that make the sensor only sensitive to the magnetic flux density parallel to the chip surface. The CMOS circuit contains two pairs of hall elements for each of the two directions parallel with the chip surface X and Y, offset cancellation circuitry, current source, and chopper stabilized amplification circuit. The ferromagnetic disk amplifies the external magnetic field created by the rotation of the shaft and concentrates it on the hall elements. The result is in a very stable low noise sensor virtually immune on temperature and ageing effects, because of measuring the direction of the field and not the strenght. Typical applications in dancer arm tensioning, labelling machines, robots, fork lifters, steering angle, throttle position, harvester, position detection of flaps, agriculture machines etc..

Main Characteristics
· Angle range 0-360°
· Input Voltage 5 VDC ± 10 % or 12-30VDC
· Resolution up to 0,09° ( 12 bit )
· Operating Temperature - 40° C +85° C
· Hall effect contactless
· High life
· Vibration Resistance (DIN IEC68T2/6 20g)
· High sensitivity and repeatibility
· High frequency response
· Compact construction
· Output 0,5-4,5 Volt , 0-10 Volt , 4-20 mA , PWM


· Dimensions (See drawing)
· Anodized aluminium case
· Shaft diameter 6 mmm
· Double inox ball bearing
· Flange mount
· AMP connector
· Weight 150 gr


· Labeling machines
· Robots
· Position detection of flaps
· Fork Lift
· Harvester
· Special purpose vehicles
· Agriculture machines
· Construction machines