The contactless rotary sensor, is developed for very precise measurements in the field of civil engineering,construction machineries, and industrial automation. Its use is particulary recommended in high frequency applications, operating on small angles. The rotary sensor includes a magneto-resistive element of high resistance and sensibility in temperature. The absence of sliding contacts warrants an high lifetime, which can not be obtained with the contact versions. The strong and compact construction allows the use in all the applications where space and weight are considered important factors.

Main Characteristics
· Measurement Range ± 45°
· Input Voltage 8 to 14 VDC
· Infinite resolution
· Operation Temperature - 20° C +125° C
· No electrical sliding contact
· Low electrical noise
· High Lifetime
· Low Torque
· Resistance to vibrations (DIN IEC68T2/6 20g)
· High sensibility and repeatability
· Magneto-resistive element
· High frequency of response


· Galvanized steel housing
· Pin terminals in tinned brass
· Protection with isolating polymeric
· Influence of magnetic field 0.001 %/Oersted
· Resistant in nuclear radiations