Model DLS-XX-MC-I dual axis inclinometer combine an electrolytic level sensor with a CMOS hybrid signal conditioning circuit. The level sensor is partially filled with a conductive fluid and platinum contacts are hermetically sealed in a glass envelope. When the sensor is at its zero position the electrical impedance of the fluid from the cental electrode to each left and right electrodes is equal. When the sensor tilt, the movement of the fluid determine the change of the impedance in proportion to the angle of tilt. Thecnical perfomances, make them ideal for application in constrution machinery, civil engineerig and geotechnical applications. All models are temperature compensated to the full industrial range.

Main Characteristics
· Measuring Range ± 5° to ± 10°
· Supply Voltage 7 to 30 VDC
· Temperatur compensation -20° C to 70° C
· Electrolityc sensor
· Current Consumption 35mA
· High shock resistance
· Low cross sensitivity
· Anodised aluminium housing IP65 (IP 67 optional)
· Encapsulated with resin