The inclinometer working principle is based on a micromachined silicon capacitive transductor (developed with MEMS technology). Output signal from the sensing element, coming as a duty-cicle modulated waveform with carrying frequency of 100 Hz, is acquired by a microprocessing unit. The microprocessor provides continuous sampling of X and Y axes every 25 ms and gives as an output the angular information after performing Arcsin (X,Y) calculation. The inclinometer have a compact design, low vibration sensitivity, low price and find application in a variety of industrial and automotive application.

Main Characteristics
· Measuring range ± 10 ° , ± 30 ° , ± 45
· Voltage supply 7 to 30 VDC;
· Operating temperature range -20° C to 70° C
· MEMS sensors high stability
· Low power consumption
· High resistance to mechanical shocks
· No trimmers used for settings
· Extremely low cross sensitivity
· Alluminium housing IP67