New frontiers in sensing science

Since 2000 Sensor System operates the progress of sensor state of art. With our long experience in chemistry, mechatronic and informatics, we push forward the limits of the performance in measurement and transduction. With a variety of high performance devices in measurement of angle, telescoping and tilt, Sensor systems provides solutions for all problems of control in automotive field machinery. Every devices implementation is application oriented and designed even on specific customer requirement.



 Electronic solution

Our high engineered electronic meets the goal of high performance in agreement with the need to keep costs competitive inthe world market. Signal conditioning systems are designed to fill the less space possible and embedded in sensor housing to reduce the interference of the measure. At the same time high performance microprocessor system, interface the sensor via various fieldbus with the customers machinery



Chemistry and Mechanic solution

Sensors housing and mechanic are designed with heavy duty solution that ensure strong reliability and long operative life. Patented polymer is employed in sealing and aluminium based casing give the sensors capability to operate in harsh environment context typical of industrial machinery field up to IP67 level.



Smart sensors firmware solution

Our sensors are provided with high optimized firmware with capability to filter noise and guarantee full nominal resolution. Designed around the costumer applications our solutions are able to operate with various type of microcontroller in order to meet requirements of power consumption and speed performance.




Sensor Systems operates with the aim of cooperating with the Customer as the preferred partner for the resolution of problems lied to sensor applications. Sensor Systems also provides consultancy, design and engineering services for the integration of sensors with other electronic components.